I think you will agree with me when I tell you that fighting games are incredibly difficult to learn, and for anyone wanting to become a good player has a long road to walk or fight.

The problem with this is they aren’t friendly to new players, the majority of them don’t have interesting or fleshed out tutorials. This ultimately turns off new players from progressing forward with getting better.

In this post, I’m going to explain my history with fighting games, which isn’t very long. I’ll also be giving a few quick resources to get you on your way if like me you want to ‘Get Gud’.

Ryu Street Fighter 5

My Humble Beginnings

Being from the UK I never grew up having the experience of going to arcades, I tell a lie, I did, but they’re probably not the kind of venues you’re used to in the US or Japan. The arcades I frequented were at the seaside, and instead of having Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat cabinets, we had 2 pence One-armed Bandits and £1 slot machines I wasn’t allowed to use due to not being 18, oh and we also had Bingo.

So my first experience a fighting game was Street Fighter II Turbo on a SNES at a friends house, and I didn’t get to play all that much, ultimately meaning I wasn’t very good. I do remember beating a car up though, it didn’t put up much of a fight in all fairness.

My next experience of a fighting game was on the PlayStation 2 when my dad bought Tekken Tag Tournament for Christmas. I loved that game, even if I was cack at it. I naively thought I was the bee’s knees, completing all the single-player aspects of the game (No internet in those days), I’d also wipe the floor with my sister using Law and King while she liked Eddie.

I played a version of Street Fighter (3rd Strike) on the PSOne at close friends a couple of times in the early 2000’s, but never really played too much as I made the excuse I didn’t like Street Fighter. The truth actually being I was crap at it and didn’t want to get beat every single time, and I think he knew it. I’m older now, I can admit these things.

Tekken Tag Tournament was taken to University in 2004, connected to my PC monitor and I was about to open a can of ‘Whoop Ass’… that was until I was soundly beaten by every button masher in my flat (all of them). A massive scrub sulk was had and it was never played again.

So it’s been nearly 13 years since I have played a fighting game of any kind for more than 30 minutes due to an inferiority complex and a scrub mentality. I’m not sure what really sparked my interest to get semi-competent at them, but here we are. I’m on a mission to ‘git gud’ at fighting games.

Learning from Online Resources

I don’t have a training buddy that can pop round and help me along the way, this is an adventure where I’m going to have teach myself, use online resources and suffer the pains of CFN.

David Sirlin’s book can be found on Amazon and Patrick Miller’s books from Shoryuken.com are my training manuals, but also not forgetting Gief’s Gym also on Amazon and a million Youtuber videos.

The game I will be using to start my fighting career is Street Fighter V. It gets a lot of hate from the community for various reasons I’ve noticed from my short time within the community and not all reasons are unjustified. However, being a new player I don’t have expectations longer standing fans of the series do.

This blog will be my journey through the trials, tribulations and sulks of learning fighting games. There is no doubt in my mind it’s going to be hard, I’m probably going to rage (although I am working on this) and I’m not going to be good for a very long time but I will ‘Get Gud’.

How long have you been playing fighting games, and what was your first game? Leave a comment below.